Here we are after ten years of successful trading, what a wonderful experience it has been.

  • We have exciting changes currently happening,
  • New packaging
  • New improved paint formula
  • New colours
  • New premises
  • New cheaper pricing
  • New ideas

“Canterbury Blue stands as a paragon of excellence in the realm of mineral and chalk furniture paints, a distinguished brand recognized across Australia. Founded in 2012, the brand is the brainchild of Juliana, and is nurtured into continuous growth by her and her two children, Sabastian and Canterbury.

Our commitment is to impeccable quality, evident in the use of superior ingredients, each sourced from esteemed Australian suppliers. The Canterbury Blue Furniture Paint™ is an embodiment of sophistication, with its luxuriously creamy texture and a velvety touch. It is designed to deliver a depth and dimension of colour that is nothing short of visually captivating.

At Canterbury Blue™, our mission extends beyond simply providing paint. We aim to empower you to breathe new life into pre-loved furniture pieces, to save not only money but also valuable time. Our answer to this mission is the EZ2 Paint™, Canterbury Blue’s proprietary paint brand. This water-based, chalk-style paint has been engineered to adhere to a multitude of surfaces, from high varnish and raw wood to laminate, glass, metal, and cane. Its application is straightforward and hassle-free, encouraging you to unleash the full potential of your creativity.

With EZ2 Paint™, the age-old laborious processes of pre-sanding and under-coating are rendered obsolete. The paint offers a clean application, saving you from cumbersome clean-ups. So, embrace the Canterbury Blue experience, where the only limit is your imagination


It is now 2024 and I have a new office space and opportunity to use a beautiful property on the Southside of Brisbane to re launch the iconic Canterbury Blue Paint & Create Workshops. Learn how to use Chalk Paint in a fun and relaxed environment surrounded by wildlife and farm animals. In between Tamborine and Logan Village a painting paradise awaits.

Back in the good ol’ days of 2012, when my youngest ankle-biter came into the world, I chucked in the towel on the daily grind and decided to chase the dream of fiddling with furniture full-time. Crikey, I was a lucky duck, having a family that was all about the old treasures and vintage goodies way before it became the trendy thing to do. Me mum, she’s a wizard at rejuvenating tired old pieces that have seen better days.

I can still get a whiff of that linseed oil and turpentine concoction she’d whip up to give everything a good pampering after she’d spent yonks stripping it down. Off I’d go to school, and by the time I’d come back, the hallway would be missing a piece or I’d nearly faceplant over some new ‘ancient’ chair.

Me dad? He was a bloke of many tricks, part dreamer, part seer, and a full-time larrikin. But blimey, he had a knack for sniffing out gems for mum to spruce up. I’ve got these bonza memories of riding shotgun in his brown HR Holden wagon, ears tuned to the crackly ABC on the radio, fingers crossed for his trifecta to win. We’d watch him roll up to random farmhouses, bold as brass, asking if they had any old wares out back they’d flog off. Then he’d pack the car to the gills, stuff tied to the roof and all.

We’d head back to the house, dad bragging about his clever finds, but the highlight? Those jam donuts he’d always manage to snag for our munch on the road. Both mum and dad were dead-set on pushing me to do whatever put a grin on my face, telling me to say ‘yes’ now and ‘no’ later if I needed to, and to always have a fair go.

Furniture restoration was always my side gig, a way to earn a bit extra for the lipstick fund, you know? But then I went and bit off a massive chunk, registering me business, kicking off a Facebook page, and going bonkers with paint, sandpaper, and wax under the house. Crikey, every piece I knocked up sold faster than a rat up a drainpipe, and I spotted a huge gap in the market for top-notch shabby chic furniture that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Mum chimes in with her old paint recipe from donkey’s years ago, so I spent months tinkering with the mix until it was perfect. Easy as pie to slap on, sand off, and fall head over heels for. And that’s how EZ 2 Paint was born again, right there under the house with furniture everywhere and a bub only half a year old.

I opened up a little gem of a shop in Woody Point, stuffing it to the rafters with goodies, painting from dawn till dusk with little Canterbury either strapped to me or bumbling about at my feet, just like a true Submariner. No matter how many chairs I spruced up, they were snapped up in no time. I started hitting the auctions, buying in bulk to keep up with the hungry masses. Along the way, folks kept asking if I’d show them the ropes.

So, I upped sticks to a bigger shed with heaps of space to make a beautiful mess, to teach, and to create. It’s been one heck of a wild and joyful ride, all giggles and grins. Me Facebook page took off like it was on steroids, and I’ve built up a clan of sheilas who are just mad about upcycling and crafting—what a bunch of legends, all of them!

I am happier than a butcher’s dog!