Making an old dresser pretty once again


How to simply revamp an old dresser .

What you will need.

  • 2 x paintbrushes , 1 to paint 1 to dust
  • 2 x 500ml EZ 2 paint shades .Layer colours for depth and character.
  • 1 x sanding block medium to fine
  • EZ 2 Wax  & clean cloth .
  • 1 x dusk mask

No need to sand or prep your piece , just wipe over to remove dust and dirt .(If you don’t it will just add character so no stress)

Paint your first coat of EZ 2 Paint roughly and like a 4 year old ,apply in different directions to give paint character .

Give this 1/2 to dry ,depending on the weather your drying time will vary .

Apply different colour , again painting in different directions .Allow these coats to dry .

Now the fun begins ,start sanding …I use my clean brush to wipe dust as I go.I sand in both a circular motion and straight up and down this will give you a super smooth surface .

Sand with more pressure on corners to give the worn shabby look . Do as little or as much as you want ,there is no right or wrong .Do what makes YOU feel happy.

Stand back and look at your piece from a distance ,you will get a better overall feel for how it is going from afar.

Now wax , apply wax thinly with a clean cloth ..I apply in any direction as our EZ 2 paint is strek free but is best to apply in general all other waxes in the same direction as the grain .You will notice the paint work and character will now POP out and look refreshed after waxed .wait 1/2 an hour now buff until nice an smooth .