Are you looking for the perfect way to spruce up your home décor without breaking the bank? Look no further than Canterbury Blue Furniture Paint! The improved formula is easy to apply and comes in a gorgeous new colour palette. Plus, it’s made right here in Australia so you can trust that you’re getting a top-notch product. Get creative and make your furniture look just how you want it to. Don’t forget to add a bottle of Top Coat to seal and protect after you have finished your piece.

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Azalea pastel pink is a soft, light pink hue that resembles the pale tone of wild roses or the inside of a seashell. It is a delicate color that evokes a sense of calm and innocence. Often associated with femininity and romance, pastel pink is a versatile shade that can be used in various design contexts, from fashion to interior decoration. It’s less saturated and less intense than its more vivid cousins, such as hot pink, and carries a subtle warmth and soothing quality. This color can create a cozy, inviting atmosphere and is frequently used in spaces meant for relaxation or contemplation.

Refresh your furniture with Canterbury Blue’s improved Chalk Paint! Our velvety soft, creamy formula creates luxurious color dimension that will bring your furniture to life. Achieve the perfect finish with our water-based DIY paint, and get ready to give a stunning look to your furniture pieces in no time. With Canterbury Blue’s Chalk Paint, you can easily transform old furniture into something amazing – it’s time to turn up the style game!


100ml, 500ml, 1lt